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indirect3d file manager

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i3dfm is a filemanager for Windows OS with 3d look.
Current version is 0.0 alpha. That means is has only few features, a lot of bad-implemented places and maybe bugs. It's pre-released as announce and for getting feedback.


  • animated folder entering/leaving
  • animated file manipulations
  • pick'n'put concept for file manipulation that is more comfortable way than ordinal
  • representation of file size as icon's rotation speed


  • Win98, NT4, 2K, XP..
  • 300+ mhz processor.
  • hardware OpenGL acceleration. or very fast processor.

i3dfm is open source project - it's released under LGPL license. It's based on Indirect3D framework, that means that it consists of different components that are connected each to other. Such flexible architecture allows fast extension/customizing existing visualization or development of different visualizations which re-use core components.