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indirect3d file manager

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Larry  ::  please change the "icons" for the cursor and back/forward button
Ray  ::  It looks really nice. I hope you will finish it!
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brainless  ::  i didn't do much with it yet but i noticed something that should be changed in a future version: when the file-/directory names are too long, and on the left column, the names aren't displayed complet
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Kroc  ::  One reproch : it is called 3DFileManager but it's in 2D ! try to get a real advantage from 3D navigation !
ez  :: the containing folder. sorting files by name, type, date, etc would reshuffle them within this 3D space. just an idea... :-)
ez  ::  and what about the directory view being a proper 3D space? a cube filled with files to navigate around...opening folders would create a new 3D cube to navigate, but with the ability to "pull back"....
ez  ::  for a ver 0.0 alpha version it's pretty damn good! xml_guy: why come here and slag off these guys' work? suggestion: scrolling by dragging middle button would be good. :-)
Cooper  ::  I have been dying for somebody to make a useable 3d GUI, you guys are on the way! keep up the good work!
Cooper  ::  Some of the 3d icons need some work. i nearly deleted my windows folder becuse i couldnt tell what the icons along the top stand for.
Cooper  ::  As of now it is just a windows explorer clone with 3d icons. The 3d aspect does not add any extra funtionality beyond a neat look and feel --which is fine if that is what you are going for.
Cooper  ::  Hey neat program! was surprised how smooth it runs. If i may add my 2 cents, i think you need to ask what you want the 3d to add to the file managemet experience.
killer_storm  ::  and i really like it! 8-]]] it's better than XP IMHO
killer_storm  ::  it's 3d stuff on 1998 level, before that there were no cheap enough hardware to handle it
killer_storm  ::  maybe you'll better write me email so we can discuss it?
killer_storm  ::  oh, but why so attention if you think it's a crap?
xml_guy  ::  plus your 3d file mgr isn't even pretty , its ugly congrats, what is more boring this or the nice looking windows file managers? XP graphics are much better then this ugly 3d stuff from 80's
xml_guy  ::  this 3d file manager doesn't even work consistently, why 3d? its file management NOT A VIDEO GAME , this stuff is not for kids. You guys are wasting your time and resources on i3dfm whatever that is.
congrats  ::  hi! appreciate ur work indeed, as I really do miss having everything in 3d. nevermind the boring programmers like xml who wants a grey world al a win3.11 :/ they can live in their caves and have fun
xml_guy  ::  ALL Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple, Linux, Unix, Solaris) gui and no giu have adequate file managers or file management systems. Why would someone buy a file manager in the first place?
xml_guy  ::  How about a web based CRM application?
xml_guy  ::  your file manager program is useless, try developing some useful applications...this 3d stuff is not taking you anywere neither is it innovative.
Mike Acker  ::  Go ahead guys, you are doing good work!
killer  ::  hellou!